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Eyebrow. . . . . . .£8
Upper lips. . . . . . .£5
Eyebrow & upper lips. . . . . . .£12
Full face. . . . . . .£15
Half leg. . . . . . .£13.50
Full leg. . . . . . .£20


Full arm. . . . . . .£15
Stomach. . . . . . .£14
Back. . . . . . .£14
Underarms. . . . . . .£12
Bikini line. . . . . . .£16
Hollywood. . . . . . .£30
Full body (excluded Hollywood). . . . . . .£60
Full body Include Hollywood. . . . . . .£75

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We are offering comprehensive beauty care ranging from Threading, Makeup, Waxing, Face & Body, Lashes, Pedicure, Mehndi, Facial and Tinting.


Indulge in precision grooming with our waxing services at Haven Beauty Salon in Coventry, UK:

  • Eyebrow: Perfectly shaped for a defined look
  • Upper Lip: Smooth and hair-free
  • Eyebrow & Upper Lips: A tailored combo for enhanced facial harmony
  • Full Face: Comprehensive facial waxing for a polished appearance
  • Half Leg: Effortless, hair-free lower limbs
  • Full Leg: Silky smoothness from thigh to toe
  • Full Arm: Flaunt smooth, hair-free arms
  • Stomach: Sculpted and hair-free midsection
  • Back: Smooth and sleek for a confident back profile
  • Underarms: Clean and confident underarm waxing
  • Bikini Line: Tidy and well-defined for beach-ready confidence
  • Hollywood: Complete intimate grooming for a confident you
  • Full Body (excluding Hollywood): Comprehensive waxing for an all-over smooth finish
  • Full Body Include Hollywood: Complete head-to-toe grooming for an ultimate, confident you”

Waxing: The Ultimate Solution to Silky and Smooth Skin

At Haven Beauty Salon, we take pride in offering the best and affordable waxing services. We understand that smooth, radiant skin is the key to feeling confident and beautiful thus we are providing the best and budget friendly waxing services. Waxing is a time-tested method for removing unwanted hair. Not only in leave you with smooth, silky skin but it lasts long too. The beauty treatment of waxing involves the application of warm wax to the desired area, followed by the removal of unwanted hair from its root. Talking about the benefits of waxing, not only does it remove your unwanted hair, but it also exfoliates your skin, leaving it soft and radiant. Waxing provides a clean and precise result. Waxing is the best option for those who are seeking a budget friendly and efficient beauty treatment.  Haven Beauty Salon in Coventry has the best staff who are trained to ensure a comfortable and effective waxing experience. Here we ensure that the wax we are using is of the best quality. We offer a variety of waxes which includes warm hard waxing, warm soft waxing, sugar waxing, fruit waxing, chocolate waxing and many more. You can choose according to your preference with the best prices we offer the best services here at Haven Salon.

Full Body Wax

Experience the indulgence of a full body waxing session, at Haven Beauty Salon in Coventry. We truly understand the importance of providing care to every inch of your skin. Our Full Body Waxing service is tailored to meet all your hair removal needs delivering a long-lasting solution. From head to toe our skilled estheticians utilize top quality wax to eliminate hair leaving your skin remarkably smooth and velvety. Not does this method guarantee a finish but it also serves as an excellent exfoliating treatment giving you a radiant and silky complexion. Our skilled staff make sure that every part of your body is handled with care and gentleness, delivering results that make you feel confident and attractive all in affordable price. You can experience this professional waxing treatment only at haven salon in Coventry where we commit to provide affordable and competitive prices for your beauty treatments

Face Wax

At Haven Beaty Salon in Coventry, we recognize the precious nature of your face and for that our face waxing service is tailored to treat it with utmost care and expertise. Your face is a canvas that deserves the best and finest touch and our experts at Haven beauty salon are dedicated to giving you the most comfortable and enhancing face waxing experience through our specialized service. We at Haven Beauty Salon know how to elevate your skin. Our face waxing service not only removes unwanted facial hair but also offers a variety of benefits that enhance your skincare routine. We use the best and the gentlest wax for your face is it is the most delicate and important part of your body. Our professional estheticians make sure to remove all the unwanted facial hair gently, pulling it from their roots and leaving you with silky-smooth skin. Haven Beauty salon has the best skilled estheticians who make sure to give you the best face waxing service which not only leaves you with a smooth and flawless skin but also exfoliates it, ridding your face of dead skin cells and unveiling a radiant complexion. We give you the best and budget friendly face waxing services which includes eyebrow shaping. Our estheticians are trained to elevate your facial features leaving you with a renewed sense of confidence. Experience the luxury of the best face waxing service in Coventry at Haven Beauty Salon, where your face is treated with the delicacy and expertise it deserves.

Hollywood Wax

Haven Beauty Salon in Coventry offers the best and most affordable services for Hollywood waxing. Our highly trained staff provides the best Hollywood waxing service, making sure that your intimate areas are treated with gentle and utmost care. At Haven Beauty Salon, our professional staff understand the sensitivity of intimate areas, and our Hollywood vaccine service is designed to create a comfortable and a great experience. Our professional beauty treatment includes a high-quality wax which is used to delicately remove unwanted hair leaving your skin smooth and silky. The precision and attention to detail of our strained staff guarantees the best results, making our Hollywood waxing service the best professional beauty treatment at a competitive price in Coventry. Selecting our Hollywood vaccine service means that you are selecting more than just a hair removal process as the benefits of this service extend beyond the immediate results as Hollywood wax promotes fine growth and a reduction in the likelihood of ingrown hairs. Our commitment to provide affordable beauty treatments in Coventry is reflected in our waxing service where we give you the best personalized care. You can experience the pleasure of confidence and elegance with the best beauty treatment of our Hollywood waxing service in Coventry exclusively at haven beauty salon.

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5 / 5

Full body wax and facial. Didn’t hurt one bit and the facial was so relaxing I nearly fell asleep. Shef is welcoming and great fun, totally puts you at your ease. Highly recommend, I will book in again x

Satisfied Customer

5 / 5

I had a wonderful waxing experience with Shaf. She tried to make it as painless as possible. Her waxing technique was brilliant. She also did eyebrow threading for me. She was thorough and made sure I liked all the treatments I received from her. She was open to any suggestions I made about my treatment to her. All in all, great service received and affordable prices! Will definitely come back here for more beauty treatments. Great job Shaf! Keep up the good work! :)

Satisfied Customer

5 / 5

Shaf is lovely and certainly knows what she’s doing. The tinting was a bit dark for my liking at first but a few days later and my brows look great! Waxing was the least painful I’ve ever had and they weren’t red after the treatment either. Thank you!

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we strive to exceed your expectations. Haven Beauty Salon is highly specialized in offering comprehensive beauty care ranging from Threading, Makeup, Waxing, Face & Body, Lashes, Pedicure, Mehndi, Facial, Massage, and Tinting

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