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We Are The Best Beauty Salon In Coventry, Find The Full Body Massage & Facial Services We Offer & Updated Prices Below


Basic facial 45 min. . . . . . .£20
Steam facial 1 hour. . . . . . .£30
Blackhead Remover Facial. . . . . . .£30
Derma facial. . . . . . .£35
Gold Facial. . . . . . .£30
Skin Polish. . . . . . .£35
Anti Ageing. . . . . . .£35
Neck & shoulder massage. . . . . . .£12
Back & shoulder massage. . . . . . .£18
Neck shoulder & back massage. . . . . . .£25
Full body massage. . . . . . .£45

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We are offering comprehensive beauty care ranging from Threading, Makeup, Waxing, Face & Body, Lashes, Pedicure, Mehndi, Facial and Tinting.


Indulge in the Bliss of Massage Services at Haven Beauty Salon, Coventry:

  • Basic Facial (45 min): Rejuvenate your skin with a 45-minute session.
  • Steam Facial (1 hour): Experience deep hydration and relaxation in a one-hour steam facial.
  • Blackhead Remover Facial: Banish impurities with our specialized blackhead remover facial.
  • Derma Facial: Nurture your skin with our expertly crafted derma facial treatment.
  • Gold Facial: Luxuriate in the revitalizing benefits of our gold facial.
  • Skin Polish: Renew and refresh your skin with our skin polish treatment.
  • Anti-Ageing: Combat the signs of aging with our anti-ageing facial.
  • Neck & Shoulder Massage: Relieve tension with a targeted massage for the neck and shoulders.
  • Back & Shoulder Massage: Unwind with a soothing massage focused on the back and shoulders.
  • Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage: Experience ultimate relaxation with a combined massage.
  • Full Body Massage: Immerse yourself in total relaxation with our full body massage.

At Haven Beauty Salon, our massage services are designed to pamper and rejuvenate, providing you with a serene escape to enhance your well-being.

Full Body Massage 

At haven beauty salon, we understand that how important it is to take time for yourself and pampering your body. Our full body massage service has been designed to provide our valuable clients with head-to-toe relaxation experience. Our full body massage relieves the stress of everyday life and makes you feel all renewed and energetic. We have professional therapists to give you the best massaging techniques including Swedish massage, hot stone massage and Indian head massage. If you want a gentle, soothing massage or maybe a more invigorating and deep tissue treatment, we will give you a personalized massage according to your preference. Thinking about the benefits of our full body massage? Well, there are a lot starting with relaxation of muscles which helps in improving your body flexibility and range of motion. The gentle hand movements help in improving blood flow throughout the body, promoting better overall circulation. In addition to that, our full body massage allows you to escape from the pressures of daily life and find a deep sense of calm and relaxation, helping in reducing stress, improving your moods, and enhancing quality of sleep.

Massage Back, Neck, Shoulder

We at Haven Beauty Salon in Coventry understand that stress and tension can take a toll on your back, neck, and shoulders. We offer special massage for back, neck and shoulders to give you a sense of relaxation after targeting those stiffened spots. Our skilled and professional therapists use a combination of techniques including deep pressure, stretching and kneading helping in alleviating muscle stiffness and reduce pain. Whether you’re a busy professional seeking relief from muscle tension or simply looking to unwind after a long day, our Massage Back, Neck, and Shoulder massage treatment will leave you feeling revitalized and ready to face the day ahead. Our beauty salon in Coventry offers the best professional beauty treatments at reasonable rates.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality services at affordable prices, making beauty care accessible to everyone. So, if you’re looking for a beauty salon in Coventry that offers Massage Back, Neck, and Shoulder at affordable prices, look no further than Haven Beauty Salon.

If you’re in need of some quality me-time and a chance to unwind and rejuvenate, book your full body massage or back, neck, and shoulder massage service at Haven Beauty Salon in Coventry today. Our friendly and experienced therapists are here to provide you with a pampering experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to take on the world. Whether you’re looking for relief from chronic pain or simply want to treat yourself to a luxurious and indulgent experience, Haven Beauty Salon in Coventry will provide you with the best beauty treatments at affordable rates.

Affordable Beauty Services in Coventry: Pamper Yourself with Haven Beauty Salon

Experience the artistry of beauty, your personalized and affordable beauty care services at Haven Beauty Salon in Coventry. Our team of professional staff is dedicated to enhancing your confidence and natural beauty. Indulge in the experience of our best facial services which leaves your face with nothing but smooth and glass skin. Worrying about affordability? Haven Beauty Salon provides its services at very reasonable and competitive prices. We offer gold facial, anti-aging facial, skin polish, steam facial and blackhead remover personalized according to your skin type. At haven beauty salon, we ensure you feel rejuvenated, pampered, and full of confidence after getting our professional beauty services at affordable prices.

Gold Facial

Haven beauty salon in Coventry is known for its professional facial services. Our gold facial treatment is designed to give you radiant and glowing skin. We trained our estheticians to give you the best hand movements using the highest quality of gold infused skin care products to give you smooth and flawless skin improving the texture and elasticity of your skin. This process starts with cleansing your face with our gold infused facial cleanser. After that we scrub to remove the dead skin from your face moving with that, we apply a gold infused mask to give you a glass skin finish. This mask not only leaves a glowing skin but also nourishes and revitalizes your complexion as the gold particles in it stimulate collagen production helping with fine lines and wrinkles and giving you a rejuvenated look to your skin. The process of our best gold facial includes cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, and massaging the face followed by the application of a gold infuse mask. We make sure to use the best products in the market so that you leave with improved skin texture, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, and a youthful and radiant glow. Haven beauty salon knows how important your face is, and we make sure to you use the best quality of gold infused skin care products for our gold facial so that your skin receives the best possible care.

Anti-Aging Facial

Haven beauty salon also offers anti-aging facial for those who want to reduce and get rid of their fine lines, wrinkles, and aging spots, leaving your skin with a smoother and more youthful complexion. Our salon uses the best anti-aging products and hand techniques to stimulate cell generation and promote collagen production to improve skin elasticity. The process starts with a cleanser followed by exfoliator, steaming and then massaging the face which is the most important part of this facial as it is done to improve blood circulation which helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines stop after that we finish our anti-aging facial with the application of an anti-aging mask. After experiencing our professional anti-aging facial, you can see the best results which will include diminished visibility of crows feet, tightened skin, and a vibrant and youthful flow. Our drained staff uses expert and the latest techniques ensuring that all the products used on your skin penetrate deep into your skin providing the maximum benefits so that your skin receives the best possible care.

Skin Polish

Our skin Polish treatment helps you achieve a radiant and flawless skin. We ensure to use the best exfoliators and skin care products for this service. Our trained staff uses expert techniques to give you a deep cleanse, getting rid of the impurities and unclogging pores. We use high quality products to make sure that even if you have sensitive skin you leave with no redness and no irritation. This process starts with the cleansing process and after that we make sure to get rid of any impurities or dead skin so that we can apply our skin polisher mask. The benefits of our skin Polish service includes improved skin tone and texture, getting rid of dead skin cells revealing a fresh layer of radiant smooth and youthful looking skin. We use only the highest quality of polishers and skin care products to ensure that your skin receives the best possible care.

Steam Facial

Heaven beauty salon offers the best services in a budget. We offer the best facial services in Coventry. Our steam facial is specifically designed for those who want to minimize their pores and get smooth skin. Steam facial at heaven beauty salon combines the power of steam and expert skin care techniques to revitalize your skin. The warmness of the steam opens your pores allowing for deep cleansing and better absorption of skin care products. After giving you a very calming experience of soothing steam, we use the best quality skin care products to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin leaving you with refresh and rejuvenated skin. This service helps you to get rid of toxins, it reduces blemishes, and it promotes a healthy and luminous complexion. Our professional staff make sure to massage your face with our high-quality moisturizer which will give you the ultimate glass skin glow and want you to experience this heavenly service again. Steam facial gives you an improved skin texture and your skin gets rid of any impurities or clogged pores which will improve the penetrating of skin care products. We use only the highest quality skincare products to ensure that your skin receives the best possible care.

Blackhead Remover

Worrying about your blackheads? Not anymore because haven beauty salon has specialized blackhead remover treatment which helps you bid farewell to those stubborn blackheads. Our professional staff has been trained to use gentle techniques and high-quality products to effectively target those stubborn blackheads and extract them while minimizing discomfort or skin irritation. Blackhead removing process starts with cleansing your face and then exfoliating followed by steaming which helps in removing those black heads easily. After our staff remove this removes those blackheads with precision, they apply a soothing mask to calm down your skin living with you with a flawless and smooth skin. We make sure to sanitize our tools and to use new tools for every client as we value our client. The benefits of our blackhead removal treatment include a clear and smooth, glowing skin with no redness and no irritation. Our estheticians use expert techniques to ensure that the blackhead extraction is gentle and effective, providing maximum benefits. We use only the highest quality of targeted products to ensure that your skin receives the best possible care.

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Best massage and facial by Chef. She is so calm, kind and handled everything so cool

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